The Real World
by Andrew Tate

The Upgraded Version of Hustlers University

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From Making Money
to Building Wealth.

Welcome to Real World Portal, your one-stop shop for hitting it big! Imagine a place where making money isn’t just a dream, but something you can actually touch and feel. This isn’t some boring class; it’s a goldmine of secrets to getting rich, with straightforward steps that’ll have you counting real cash in no time.

Your financial breakthrough is not a matter of IF but WHEN.

299,254+ members are in The Real World

Take the First Step to Financial Freedom NOW.

For too many, life is a monotonous loop of settling for less. But why settle when you can conquer?

The Real World (ex Hustlers University) isn’t another educational platform. It’s a revolutionary space where you awaken to the limitless opportunities around you. 

In the Real World, you’ll receive not just knowledge but empowerment, guidance, and a community of like-minded individuals ready to support you on your ascent to the summit of success.

The real question is…

Are you ready to exit the Matrix ?



Why This Works

  • Practical Knowledge: We believe in empowering you with tools and skills that have practical value in the real world. 
  • Dynamic Learning Environment: Engage with content that is continuously updated and refined to reflect the latest trends and best practices in wealth creation.
  • Live Feedback: This mentorship is not a lecture, it’s a continuous dialogue where you can seek clarification, ask questions, and receive instantaneous feedback.

Here's What's in The Real World:

The Real World Exclusive App

The app provides access to the guarded secrets of 1% of the most affluent individuals on the planet, revealing how they effectively manage and grow their wealth.

This is insider information that you won’t find in conventional finance books or business courses.


the real world by andrew tate
andrew tate the real world

The Real World Exclusive Network

The Real World is a place where everyone is looking to succeed and help each other out.

Gone are the Matrix days when everybody was competing with each other, when money seemed impossible to get, and all the people around you were brokies. 

The Real World Exclusive Professors

Inside the Real World platform, you get direct access not only to Andrew Tate but also to multi-millionaires who have been where you are and have successfully navigated their way to the top.

They all support and guide you with individualized mentorship every step of the way. 

andrew tate

Learn A Complete Set of Skills To Build Wealth

Content Creation
Artificial Inteligence
Business & Finance

100% Online and Location Independent

The business models taught here are not only entirely digital but also free from geographical constraints, allowing you to earn from anywhere in the world. 

business course

Focus on Wealth-Building

In the Real World platform, our guidance doesn’t stop once you start making money; it evolves to help you multiply it! Generating income is just the beginning of your wealth journey.

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Automation and Financial Freedom

Automation is the secret sauce that allows for generating income even while you’re not actively working. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and explore further opportunities for wealth creation!

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Andrew Tate
& Other Elite Professors

In The Real World (ex Hustlers University), the Professors are seasoned, successful entrepreneurs, not just academics.

These industry veterans, each handpicked by Andrew Tate, have built their own million-dollar empires by effectively applying the very strategies they will teach you.

Far from conventional, our experts share practical, proven lessons drawn directly from their extensive real-world experience, ensuring you receive guidance that’s not only insightful but also immediately applicable and profitable.

In TRW, you’re learning from the best to become the best.

Welcome to a platform where Professors walk the talk. 

Welcome to the Real World by Andrew Tate.

Learn and Earn:
Turn Knowledge into Cash!

How many business courses have you taken in your life? How many podcasts on making money have you watched? How many times have you tried and still haven’t seen those things translate into financial success, let alone financial freedom for you and your family? 

In The Real World, you start making money while you’re still learning. That’s right – the stuff you learn isn’t just theory. You can use it right away to start seeing real cash.

Each lesson gives you practical skills and tips that you can put into action immediately. So, while you’re getting smarter, you’re also getting richer!

the real world app

Designed for the fast-paced individual, the app helps you quickly acquire high-income skills that are essential in today’s competitive market. The learning modules are concise, focused, and designed for immediate application.

With over 299,000 members, the Real World connects you to a vast community of individuals who share your financial goals and ambitions. This serves as a goldmine of opportunities and potential partnerships, opening doors to more wealth.

TRW tate

When you join the Real World, you’re not just getting advice from theorists but from proven multimillionaires who walk on the path you are embarking on. They have amassed wealth through practical, effective strategies which you will have direct access to.

Escape The Matrix Today

The Real World students are winners because they take action. We will show you a proven path to success.

But just like there are winners, there are also losers.

What’s the difference between the two?

One takes advantage of every opportunity, and lives with a pure heart; zero regrets.

The other hesitates and lets life-changing opportunities pass them by. Which one are you?

Regardless, The Real World keeps winning. For only $50 you have everything to gain, and almost nothing to lose.

Do not waste this chance.

Get Full Access

$49.99 Entry Fee

$49.99 per month afterwards


Get Full Access

$49.99 Entry Fee

$49.99 per month afterwards

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it’s where the money is at! Dive into a pool of wealth wisdom where lessons translate into immediate cash. You don’t just learn here; you earn and grow your bank balance!

With 300k+ go-getters in our community, you’re stepping into a vibrant network of hustlers, all bouncing towards financial freedom. Connect, collaborate, celebrate!

Exclusive deals, insider tips, investment golden tickets – it’s a cascade of opportunities reserved for those in the circle.

Whether you know a little or nothing at all about business, it’s cool. We start from the basics and guide you all the way up. It’s like learning to walk, then run, and before you know you’ll be flying. 

Yes, if you want out, you can cancel your subscription and go. But that would mean that you didn’t get the whole game and didn’t apply the lessons properly.

The millionaire mentors are reachable and ready to help. They’re not just figures on a screen; they’re people who listen, understand, and guide you based on their experience and your needs.

We tailor everything to fit you. The program adjusts to your goals and dreams, guiding you with a plan that’s just as unique as you are. It’s not a generic plan; it’s YOUR plan.